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PDF2DTP Review for InDesign and Quark Plugins

October 4, 2012

For those designers amongst you who (like me) have wrestled once too often with unwieldy PDF files in an attempt to extract text and images in order to recreate long since vanished source file layouts… there is finally light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

The chaps at Markzware and only been and gone and done it – they’ve finally developed a plugin for InDesign as well as Quark that can efficiently and amazingly accurately convert a PDF file to an actual laid out document.
Convert PDF to InDesign

In true Markzware tradition, the plugin has been named as an acronym – this time, PDF2DTP – no prizes for guessing how they came up with that one. Once installed, a new Markzware menu will appear in InDesign (or Quark XPress if that’s your particular brand of coffee) and enable you to import a PDF file.

This won’t place the PDF into an InDesign/Quark document – it’s much cleverer than that. It’ll create an InDesign/Quark file, extract and save all the images (which are automatically linked to your new document) and place everything exactly where it belongs. Layout problems solved.

This should save designers a lot of time when recreating PDF layouts, and by extension billable hours will be reduced which should make clients very happy!

We’ve put a new PDF2DTP review together on our training website for those who would like a more in-depth examination of the process and results. There are three articles – the PDF2DTP Review introduction, one called Convert PDF to InDesign and one called Convert PDF to Quark.