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Our Studio Blog has Moved

January 3, 2014

The Tinstar Graphic Design and Studio Blog has moved – we’ve brought it back under the wing of our main website. Come by any time.


Changing the Hosts file on a Mac or PC

May 11, 2013

Just as much for my own reference as for anything else, if you want to preview a website on a development server before changing DNS settings or nameservers, here’s how.

On a PC

Open the following file using Notepad:

Underneath all the entries (anything prefixed by a # is commented out), enter the following (replace the number with the IP address of your development server):


Save and close the hosts file. Restart your browser and you should see the development website under the correct domain name.

On Windows 7, you need to run Notepad as an administrator to be able to save the file.

On a Mac

Open Terminal. Type in:

sudo -s

Then type your password when prompted. The type:

$sudo nano /private/etc/hosts

This will open the hosts file – it looks much the same as the PC version. Change it in the same way as above. Control-O will save it.

Content Aware Tools in Photoshop CS5

April 13, 2010

This is the most impressive tool I’ve seen come out of Adobe for a long time. If it works as promised, time spent on images (and therefore cost to clients) will be reduced dramatically:

Tinstar’s New Facebook Page

January 15, 2010

Our new Tinstar Facebook page is a really quick and effective way of getting new project news out into the world. Portfolio projects, work in progress and graphic design-related bits & bobs will find themselves there.