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Our Studio Blog has Moved

January 3, 2014

The Tinstar Graphic Design and Studio Blog has moved – we’ve brought it back under the wing of our main website. Come by any time.


Apple lets you down when you least expect it

January 29, 2013

So, big meeting tomorrow. Writing up the final meeting notes on my Mac Pro (only five years old and branded an ‘antique’ by Apple… OK… enough now… let it go….) and there’s a screen flicker. A weird one. And then… nothing. Screens go off but computer still runs.

So a quick restart – and… nothing.

A little background: A few months ago my (antique) extremely expensive Mac Pro started powering off immediately and with no notice. Long story short, after much scrabbling around I discovered that it was overheating. A free life-saviing utility called Fan Control saved the day(s). But it was clear than something was wrong – why overheat in the first place?

I further discovered that the thermal paste literally baked off the main ‘Northbridge Chip’ – a fairly essential piece of hardware, apparently, resulting in big trouble. So basically, my graphics card was being slow-baked. Today, just when I least needed it, the final oven timer went off, the graphics card was finally cooked – and we were done.

Dead card.

Oh, and Apple doesn’t supply compatible graphics cards to legacy, antique-buying, penny-pinching, I-don’t-buy-new-hardware-every-year suckers like me. I’d have to get a new computer… that they’ll stop supporting in another four years time.

So new £300 graphics card in – but the overheating was still shutting the machine down, so it’s either £655 plus VAT for a new logic board, or trust it to my very helpful computer guy to ‘gut’ (his words) the Mac, re-heat-sync and re-thermal-paste the chips. Which might not work. Then it’s £655 plus VAT for a new logic board and probably (when that fails) another few grand for a new Mac in a few months time.

Who says Apple are in trouble?

BT Connect E-mails Go Missing

April 5, 2012

Had I written at length about my epic struggle with BT over the last year or so, (during which time the consolidation of my phones and broadband turned into what I can only describe as a targeted campaign of poor customer service and erroneous billing), this category (Named and Shamed) would be overflowing with ranting posts.

Now that the dust has settled I thought I had better upload the results of a problem I have been having with my BTConnect e-mail account. I had noticed that the account (which I use only occasionally, fortunately) had been suspiciously quiet for a couple of weeks. I sent a couple of test messages this morning, and sure enough – no e-mail was arriving despite the fact that no ‘receive error’ was displaying.

After trawling forums for similar distress stories (of which there were many), I saw that most were blaming an over-active spam filter. So I went straight to the horse’s mouth and logged into my BT online account. After clicking on ‘Your E-mail’ I was presented with a Microsoft-esque screen welcoming me to my new account: Welcome to Office 365.


I then clicked the (pink) login button and entered my BT e-mail address and password – and sure enough, all my missing e-mail was displayed in an online mail window. Including the test messages I just sent.

How do I manually set up my POP email client using Microsoft Office 365?

I found this page:

entitled: How do I manually set up my POP email client using Microsoft Office 365?

A list of options send you to your e-mail client (even catering for Apple Mail!):

After following the instructions, my BT Connect account inbox started filling up with all my missing messages. I hope you have the same success…