The Contract Chair Company website

So much has changed in SEO since we started working on The Contract Chair Company website so many years ago. TC3, as we like to call them, are a contract furniture supplier with a showroom in Hammersmith, literally underneath the arches. Our remit over the years has changed as radically as the online landscape. In addition to the actual design and construction of the website (build in partnership with digital supremos Group Brand), today we consult on everything from appropriate use of social media networks to on-page SEO. Our account with helps us enormously with the latter – we can run reports that cover what needs to be done to improve the website down to the nth degree.

With Google’s recent Hummingbird algorithm update the landscape is set to shift yet again – but as ever, we always take Google’s line with regard to website content. If the content is useful, unique and written primarily for the user, it has a much better chance of ranking well that something spammy and keyword-heavy. This wasn’t always the case. In the case of TC3, there’s now a large section of the site given over to essential furniture guides – it’s definitely not just another furniture catalogue.

We’re very proud of the results.

Contract Furniture Website


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